Would you like to offer Makeups for those classes your students have missed? Great! Once you’ve navigated to ‘Configure Class Management’, use its heading dropdown to select ‘Makeups’.


How does it work?

When you implement Snap’s makeup feature, each class you create will have the opportunity to…

  • give makeups (if a student misses this class, they can schedule a makuep); &/or
  • accept makeups (whether or not a student can schedule a makeup INTO this class)

When you’ve finalized attendance in Snap, for those students enrolled in classes that give makeups, our system automatically gives them each a makeup credit. Don’t worry, it’s not actual currency of any kind & doesn’t affect their billing or account balance in any way. It’s merely an opportunity for the student to schedule a makeup.

A parent can go into their account &, using their makeup credits, schedule their own makeup into any class that…

  • allows makeups
  • has a spot available on the day the parent chooses
  • has a matching makeup category (this ensures that your pre-schoolers don’t schedule a makeup in your advanced tumbling classes – or vice versa!)


Let’s get some system-wide settings inserted by landing on  ‘Configuration’. Snap needs to know…

  • when makeup credits are created, when do they expire?
  • how many days in advance is a member allowed to schedule a makeup?
  • if the student misses a makeup, do they have the opportunity to reschedule?

Makeup Categories

Remember, Snap automatically gives makeup credits to qualified students after finalizing attendance. So, in order to avoid your pre-schoolers scheduling makeups in your advanced tumbling spots, we need to differentiate the types of makeup credits to be distributed.

At the bottom under ‘Categories’ you will specify your different types of makeup credits. You’ll actually implement them later down the road, affixing them to the different classes you offer.