Create A Form Link In Your Content

Info! Once the form is uploaded, you can create its link inside your content.

How to insert a form link:

  1. From within the Client Area, beneath the tools icon, choose “Edit your website content”.

Create a form link in your JAMSpiritSites gym website.


  1. Go to the Forms component. Copy the form’s URL.

In the forms component of your JAMSpiritSites dance website content editor copy the form's URL that you want to use to create a form link.


  1. In the left column under “Public” or “Members”, choose the desired component.
  1. Within the content editor, type the text for the link.
  1. Highlight the link’s text.
  1. After highlighting, click the link icon.

JAMSpiritSites allows you to add form links to your cheer website.


  1. Paste the form’s URL into the “URL” field.

Paste your form's URL link in the insert link box to create a form link to your JAMSpiritSites gymnastics website.


  1. Add a title (ie: “youth sports ages 5-18 in Hometown, State”). Make sure to read Build SEO-smart Content to help turn your website into a search engine powerhouse!
  1. Choose a target (new window, etc.) and class before selecting “Ok”.
  1. Then press “Save”.

Hooray! You have successfully created a form link in the content of your website!