Upload A Photo To A Slideshow

Danger! This is an older feature that has been replaced in our newer sites by “Hero”.

Info! Upgrade your site to leave behind “Slideshow” & gain “Hero”! With the “Hero” feature, you can add background images, videos, or other graphics to the top of your site 24/7! Contact us for more information & upgrade today!


By uploading photos to a slideshow, the website will be more personalized.

How to upload a photo to a slideshow:

  1. From within the Client Area, beneath the tools icon, choose “Edit your website content”.

Upload a photo slideshow to your JAMSpiritSites dance, cheer, or gymnastics websites.


  1. Go to “Slideshow”.
  1. Select “Upload”.
  1. Press “Browse”, select photos from your computer, and click “Open”.

JAMSpiritSites allows you to select photos from your computer and upload them to a photo slideshow on your gym website.


  1. Press “Upload”.
  1. Choose “Regenerate” to rebuild the list of images your slideshow retrieves. If the photo doesn’t show up right away, refresh the page &/or clear your browser’s internet cache.

Woo hoo! Now you have successfully uploaded a photo to a slideshow. Having trouble with picture formatting? Check out these tips!