How to add buttons:

  1. From within the Client Area, beneath the tools icon, choose “Edit your website content”.

JAMSpiritSites encourages you to add buttons to link information to other parts of your dance website.


  1. In the left column under “Public” or “Members”, choose the desired component.
  1. Within the content editor, press the link icon.

JAMSpiritSites content editor has a specific linking icon to add buttons to your competitive gym website.


  1. Within the “Insert link” box:
    • If using an external link copy and paste the URL into the “URL” field.

      JAMSpiritSites allows you to add buttons linking from an outside source to your cheer website.


    • If using an internal link go to the “Link list” dropdown. Then select the desired link from your components.

      JAMSpiritSites makes building buttons simple by navigating to internal pages of your gymnastics website.

  1. Enter the text desired for your button into the “Text to display” field.
  1. Within the “Class” field dropdown choose the desired button.
  1. Select “Ok”.

These buttons are a sample of what buttons can look like on your JAMSpiritSites gym website.


  1. Click “Save” once finished. On the newer styles, buttons will color coordinate with your gym colors. Interested in a theme upgrade? Contact us today.

Congratulations! You can now successfully add buttons within the website.