Email Outstanding Balances

Snap automatically emails outstanding balance reminders each month on your invoicing event.  But, if you’d like to view these balances &/or send additional reminders, here’s how:

  1. From the App Menu under ‘Tools’, select ‘Reports’.


  1. Choose ‘Account Financial Activity’.


  1. In the ‘Config’ tab, under ‘Report Type’ select ‘Client Statement’.


  1. Adjust the dates.


  1. Add filters including auto-draft options or archived accounts as needed. You can also limit your results based on balances in a particular Income Category and/or Income Program.


  1. You can filter even more by accounts & classes.


  1. Press ‘Run’ to show your filtered report.
  2. Once you’ve selected the envelope, A message box will pop up, select ‘Ok’ to verify your request.


Congrats! You can successfully view & email outstanding balances.