Insert A Template

Info! Templates can be inserted anywhere a content editor appears. Adding photos to the template will make it more personal. A Photos component will be needed to accomplish that. Add that now.

How to insert a template:

  1. From within the Client Area, beneath the tools icon, choose “Edit your website content”.

JAMSpiritSites allows you to insert templates into your competitive gym website.


  1. In the left column under “Public” or “Members”, choose the desired component.
  1. Within the content editor, there are two ways to insert a template:
    • Select “Insert” from the menu bar. Choose “Insert template” from the dropdown. OR
    • Select the “Insert template” icon.

JAMSpiritSites content editor has an insert template icon to insert templates into your gymnastics website.


  1. From the “Templates” dropdown, select the desired template. Press “Ok”.
  1. Add, edit or delete any of the template’s preloaded sample content. The following helpful articles will guide you through personalizing your template content:
  1. Save when complete.

Woo hoo! You have successfully inserted a template on the website.