Quality Over Quantity

Purpose Driven Content (Part 1 of 4)

Unfortunately, when it comes to advertising our business, we tend to throw everything, INCLUDING the kitchen sink, at our audience. Whether you’re just starting out in your website endeavor or doing a much-needed makeover, I want you to keep this philosophy in mind…

The cardinal virtue of all beauty is restraint.

– Elsie de Wolfe

If you stop & think about it for a minute, at this juncture in history, ours is a microwave society: we want what we want & we want it now. With the advent of the internet, everything is literally at our fingertips. And if we don’t find what we’re looking for pretty quickly, we move on, either looking elsewhere or giving up on the task altogether.

For this very reason, present your information in clean, uniform patterns that your audience can easily recognize. For example, your home page should host several different topics, based on events central to your current advertising push, in a format similar to…


A Poignant Heading About 1 Topic

A brief description about your topic.

A Call To Action link (prompting your user to engage, read more, etc)



This helps your audience scan the page & find what they’re looking for. If you put too much information within each topic, or worse over-dress each to express your personal artistry, you stand to lose your viewer. Remember, your audience is trying to locate a particular piece of information, perform a specific task & get on with their day. Make it easy for them to do so!

The Absolute Musts

Ask yourself, “If I’m a parent coming to my website, what do I need?” When building your content foundation, start with the absolute musts:

  • your contact information
  • the ability for both new & existing clients to enroll in current classes & events – even if you’re presently not using online class software, tell your clients exactly how they can get involved! – at the very least, give them the opportunity to sign-up for a newsletter
  • the opportunity for clients to pay their bills – again, if you’re not using any online class management solution, instruct clients on the best ways to pay for their services
  • your most current advertising hooks – these are the most prominent events taking place right now – they can include anything such as: a push for private lessons, a parent’s night out, a clinic focusing on standing back tucks, an upcoming meet or recital
  • social media – build your pinterest, facebook & twitter pages – include your most current advertising hooks there & give your clients the ability to advertise for you by re-tweeting & sharing your content


Make it easy for your viewers. Learn the art of leading your website audience.

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