Call To Action (CTA)

Purpose Driven Content (Part 3 of 4)

CTA’s, or Call To Action items, really go hand-in-hand w/ leading your viewers.

Quite simply, a CTA prompts your audience to take action on the information presented.

Info! Every page, every announcement, every bit of information shared should have a call to action.

“Why every bit of information?” you ask!

The answer is: you never quite know which marketing vernacular has finally turned the tide & convinced your user to take action! It could have been…

  • your company values
  • a great quote from a parent
  • that free trial opportunity

Each of those ideas were listed for a reason, right? So give them the opportunity to fulfill their purpose!

Always make sure to include CTA’s, linking directly (with SEO in mind) to the location that performs the task of turning your viewer into a click conversion!


Now that you’ve got a handle on why CTA’s are important, let’s learn how to build content that maximizes SEO opportunities.

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