Attendance By Class Report

After you’ve taken attendance, use this report to track class & student turnout along with excused & unexcused statuses.

  1. From the App Menu select ‘Tools’, then ‘Reports’.


  1. From the ‘Reports’ dropdown, select ‘Classes’.


  1. Choose the ‘Attendance By Class’ report.


  1. Enter your date parameters & any other necessary criteria. Then select ‘Run’.


  1. Your report is ready! Be sure to switch between ‘Overview’, ‘Excused’, or ‘Unexcused’ to see those results.


Info! Want to see how to use those nifty excused & unexcused statuses? View “Single Attendance Records” in our Attendance help document!


  1. Expand each row to see student totals.

Well done! Now you’re rocking the Attendance By Class report! If you want to brush up on your attendance-taking skills, how about a little refresher from the “Attendance” help doc?