Billing Cycles

Once you’ve navigated to ‘Configure Class Management’, use its heading dropdown to select ‘Billing Cycles’. There you will find all cycles & their respective billing events. The current cycle is the top entry of the page.


Each billing cycle contains the dates that Snap automatically performs each of the following functions sequentially…

  1. Invoicing
  2. Auto-draft
  3. Late 1
  4. Late 2

Info! Billing cycles are automatically generated each month based on your initial Snap installation preferences. For the best experience of your clients, these events should remain consistent; & therefore, are not editable.  However, if you should find a change is necessary, please contact JAM.

Invoicing Event

Each month, Snap automatically performs these functions during the Invoicing Event:

  • discerns which enrollments to invoice based on…
    • whether or not the enrollment is active
    • its ‘Next Billing Cycle’ is at least the current billing cycle (by setting an individual enrollment’s ‘Next Billing Cycle’ to a future date, you are afforded the opportunity to delay its billing – which Snap will automatically resume on your given preference)
  • invoices either the full, prorated or enrollment’s ‘Price Override’ amount
  • where applicable, calculates any multi-sibling or multi-enrollment discounts
  • emails the account owner alerting them of the balance owing & linking to their Snap members area, encouraging payment

Auto-draft Event

Upon auto-draft…

  • Snap attempts to draft the full balance due by that date – in other words, Snap won’t try debiting an account for transactions owing in the future
  • members have the opportunity to retain multiple cards on file, sorting their draft priority – Snap will attempt to draft the 1st prioritized card the full account balance due – should that fail, it will attempt each consecutive card in like manner until either the balance is satisfied or Snap has exhausted its card options
  • Snap emails the account owner, alerting them of either a balance paid or still owing



Late 1 Event

This is an optional event. If implemented, each of the following is performed:

  • Snap looks for any unpaid invoices due BEFORE this date
  • if found, a late fee invoice is created for that account based on your ‘Late Fees’ settings
  • an email is sent to the account owner alerting them of their overdue status

Late 2 Event

Another optional event, on the ‘Late 2’ event date Snap performs the same actions of the ‘Late 1’ event once again.

Info! If outstanding invoices have already been prescribed a ‘Late 1’ or ‘Late 2’ fee, should they continue to go unpaid month after month, they WILL NOT accumulate additional ‘Late 1’ or ‘Late 2’ fees.