Registered Users & Birthdays

If you’d like to see all of your registered users, including contact information & birthdays, follow these instructions:

  1. From the App Menu, under ‘Tools’ select ‘Reports’.


  1. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Birthdays’.


  1. Add filters as needed. For example, if you only want to see active students, make sure that ‘People To Display’ is ‘Students’ & ‘Active Enrollments Only?’ is ‘Yes’.


  1. Select “Run” when you’re ready to view your report.


Info! Once the report is viewable, clicking the user’s name will transport you to their account.

Info! Sometimes adults accidentally mark themselves as students. And this is a great report to help identify those mistakes. If you come across those, just click the name to visit their account. Then navigate to ‘Family’, click the individual, and then ‘Edit’. Under ‘Student’, make sure to denote that the user will not be a student. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Boom! You can now successfully run a report showing your registered users, their contact & birthday information!