Completing Design Ticket

Info! To access your Service Tickets, click the paper/pencil icon at the top of your Client Area.


Please keep in mind that you can begin filling your site with content right away. But before we can get started on beautifying your site, we need these few things:

  1. Email your logo to If you don’t have a logo, we can create a simple text logo for you. Just let us know what you’d like it to say.
  2. If the preferred color palette for your site is on your logo, please let us know. Otherwise, please visit the Adobe color wheel, make your selections, and send us the “HEX” codes (ie: “FF0000”). Don’t forget to indicate which is your primary color!
  3. Comment your Design Service Ticket with the following:
    1. GYM address
    2. GYM phone number
    3. GYM email
    4. Include any social media links you may have.
    5. Confirm that the style (website design) you chose when purchasing your site is still the selection you want. For example, “I approve my selection of style #100.”