Archive An Account

Info! Archiving an account does not restrict its users from logging in, viewing account details and history, or even signing up for a class. It simply hides them throughout Snap when searching for active accounts.

Here’s how to archive one or more accounts:

  1. From the App Menu, choose ‘People’.


  1. Select ‘Archive’.


  1. Type the person’s name who is being reactivated.


Info! As a safety precaution, an account CANNOT be archived if it has any active enrollments! To remove an enrollment, follow these instructions.

  1. From the list of search results, click the account you wish to archive. It will move from the 1st block to the 2nd. Repeat this search & click process, filling the 2nd block with each desired account.
  2. Press ‘Archive’ to submit your changes.

Congrats! You have now mastered the art of archiving accounts!