Build SEO-smart Content

Purpose Driven Content (Part 4 of 4)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term we use in the web world to reference certain things that enhance your site’s ability & effectiveness in the cataloguing process of search engines. And truthfully, the better your content, the better your search engine rankings!  So, let’s make sure all your hard work pays off! Take that extra step, keeping these useful tips in mind while building your website content…

Write Relevant Content

Search engines are getting smarter & smarter. Nowadays, you can’t just put a bunch of “keywords” on a page & expect to produce great search results. SEO demands you build RELEVANT website content.

What do you mean by “relevant”?

Be specific to the point that you’re making. If you’re building a link to email your front desk…


…don’t fill the ‘Title’ with every search keyword imaginable. That’s NOT RELEVANT to a front desk email link.  So put a title in there that utilizes the necessary amount of quality keywords. For example…

DON’T! Build a link with a “title” that looks like…

<a href="..." title="all-star allstar cheer cheerleading competitive recreational gymnastics dance teams">...</a>

DO! Build a link whose “title” looks more like…

<a href="..." title="Email Your Gym for competitive & recreational cheerleading, gymnastics & dance in Hometown, Nearest Town 1 & southern Nearest Major City">...</a>

You’re not capturing everything about your business in 1 title. That’s ok. You’re not meant to. Instead, think of it more like building your website house one brick at a time. Each brick is unique in its purpose…

  • 1 brick gives people directions to your facility
  • another brick connects your gym to your Facebook page
  • yet another links visitors to an email address

It’s the SUM of all these bricks that’s most important. They confirm to Google (& every other search engine) the claim that you are who you say you are – that you do what you say you do. These are the layers that you must strive to build with every word you say & each HTML element at your disposal.

Danger! Don’t use the same keywords over & over again! Search engines will catch on & overlook them as spam!

So, if that copy & paste plan was growing in your head, just delete it from history!

Instead, continue to think of ways to express each claim a little differently. And be more strict when deciding what does & doesn’t make the cut in your “Title” & “Image Title” HTML goodies. For instance, you may offer gymnastics, dance & cheerleading. But, if you’re in the area of your website that talks only about gymnastics, use keywords focusing on that context & let the others have their day in the sun on their own pages!

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