Add A Class

Warning! Before creating a class, make sure all of your pricing is squared away.

Info! Don’t let the word ‘class’ throw you off. In Snap, a class is anything that requires an enrollment and payment: Tumbling Classes, Summer Camps, All Star Teams, and even Open Gym!

  1. From the App Menu under ‘Classes’, choose ‘Class Catalog’.


  1. From the ‘Add’ dropdown, choose ‘Class’.


  1. Put in a Name, Short Description, and any Alternate IDs.  (Alternate IDs are optional & really only useful if you have some type of shorthand system from a prior class management program. For example, “BGymTH5” might be shorthand for Boys Gymnastics on Thursdays at 5p.)


  1. Choose the appropriate ‘Price Model’.


  1. Choose a ‘Schedule Type’. Select the green plus button to add more days. For example, if this class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays you would add another ‘Repeats Once A Week’ Schedule Type for the 2nd day.


Warning! Due to attendance constraints, Snap does not allow you to change dates once a class is saved. If you make a mistake or need to make an adjustment to a date you will need to Clone The Class.

  1. Class End Date: This is only required on session-based and single day enrollments. If this is an ongoing enrollment leave the date blank. You can end the class when it is truly over. If it is a session or single day class enter the end date.

Warning! The class cannot be extended but can be shortened. We recommend no end date on ongoing enrollments. You can end the class when it is truly over.

  1. Enter any ‘Participation’ requirements to help steer your client to choosing the right class.


  1. ‘Publicly Viewable’ options dictate the dates your viewers will be able to SEE the class online.


  1. ‘Publicly Eligible For Enrollment’ dictates when people will be able to ENROLL THEMSELVES in the class. Is this a class you have to try out to be in? If so, leave these values blank in order to control who joins this class or team.


  1. Tell Snap how to manage those filled classes with your ‘Waiting List’ preferences.


  1. Keep your gym bustling by filling those empty class slots with ‘Makeups’.


  1. Help your parents find the right class FAST with previously-built ‘Class Search Fields’.
  1. Save your new class by selecting ‘Add Class’.

Congrats! You are a class-adding machine!