In this article you will learn how to:

Info! In order for photos to be seen on a website by everyone, they have to be stored online. So, if you don’t already have a Photos component, add that now.


Create A Photo Album

How to create a photo album:

  1. From within the Client Area, beneath the tools icon, choose “Edit your website content”.

Create a photo album on you JAMSpiritSites dance, gymnastics, or cheer website.


  1. Choose “Photos”.
  1. Select “Add New” to create a new album.
  1. Name the album.
  1. Add an album description if necessary.
  1. Finish by pressing “Save”.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a photo album!

Upload Photos

How to upload photos to your album(s):

  1. Choose the gear icon next to the previously created album you want to insert photos into. Select “Photos” from the dropdown.


Within your JAMSpiritSites photos component select photos from the dropdown of the album you want to upload photos into. Once you upload photos you will be able to insert them into your dance, cheer, competitive gym, or gymnastics website.


  1. Click “Upload”.
  1. Browse to select photos from your computer.
  1. Select the desired photos and press “Open”.


Select the photos you want to upload to your JAMSpiritSites gymnastics, dance, and cheer website photo album.


  1. Click “Upload” to add the photos.
  1. Once the photos have been uploaded, caption each photo as needed. The photo album will become visible as soon as photos are in it. If you want certain albums to remain hidden click the word “Viewable” to change it to “Hidden”.

JAMSpiritSites allows you to have photo albums viewable or hidden from the public on your cheer, gymnastics, gym, or dance website.


  1. Press “Save” to finish.

Yay! You have successfully uploaded photos into your album!