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Evaluations Hierarchy

  1. Discipline
  2. Score Sheet (consisting of Categories & Skills)
  3. Assignment
  4. Student Evaluations

How It Works

Step 1: Review & Build Disciplines.

Navigate to…

Configure / Class Management / Evaluations

A Discipline is the classification given to the type of instruction provided. IE: Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance. Snap has created a few default Disciplines, but you can edit the list or create others at any time.

All Disciplines are listed in the right sidebar. If your desired Discipline is not listed, from the “Add” Button, select the dropdown option “Discipline”.

Step 2: Create a Score Sheet.

Navigate to…

Configure / Class Management / Evaluations / [Discipline] / Add / Score Sheet

Each Score Sheet is a template you will use to conduct evaluations for your class subject matter. It consists of:

  1. Title (a good rule of thumb is that your Title should match the name of your class subject matter – IE: “Level 1 Tumbling”)
  2. Rating System (choose between 3 & 5 stars)
  3. Notes (for providing any general info or instructions necessary – only visible to your staff)
  4. Whether or not to show your members the results upon Finalization
  5. Categories (IE: tumbling, jumps, floor, vault)
  6. Skills (IE: backward roll, backhandspring, split leap)

A Score Sheet can be used countless times for any class.

Warning! Due to the necessity of maintaining historically accurate data integrity, once a Score Sheet has been used to give an evaluation, it becomes locked & is no longer editable.

Step 3: Assign a Score Sheet.

Navigate to…

Configure / Class Management / Evaluations / [Discipline] / [Score Sheet] / Assign

An Assignment is simply a copy of the Score Sheet being assigned to a class. It provides the additional benefit of viewing all the classes utilizing a specific Score Sheet.

Step 4: Conduct an Evaluation.

Navigate to…

Classes / Attendance / [Class] / Evaluations / New Evaluation

In stark contrast to most other Snap edit forms, this one saves all information as you perform the updates. This will help ensure that your data is saved quickly in the unfortunate eventuality of internet service interruption.

Each student is listed on a collapsed accordion header. Click to expand & edit all fields in the evaluation:

  1. The first row lists the evaluation title, its pass/fail toggle, & a link to the evaluation’s summary details (such as private lesson recommendations in a particular area of weakness).
  2. Category rows are depicted in yellow w/ bold text. It displays the instructor’s toggle switch depicting the student’s mastery of the category.
  3. Skill records are depicted with white backgrounds & normal text. Their rows display the star rating, the date of the rating, & an icon link to reveal more details & editing options.

To aid in minimizing the amount of data to review, locate the right sidebar titled “Category”. By selecting & deselecting each category, you filter for only those skills related to the category.

Step 5: Review an Evaluation.

If you’re editing an evaluation, click the “Overview” button to return to a view state.

Similar to the add/edit state, each student name is listed on a collapsed accordion header. However, 3 distinct icons now appear which aid in providing summary feedback & other useful options:

  1. star
    1. gray = no scores have been given for this student’s evaluation
    2. red = some scores have been given, but not all
    3. green = all criteria in the evaluation has been scored
  2. pass/fail toggle: whether or not the instructor has deemed the student to have passed the requirements of the evaluation
  3. more
    1. evaluate only that particular student
    2. leave evaluations altogether & visit other relevant Snap areas

Clicking the accordion reveals a student’s evaluation results. To help differentiate between an evaluation’s Overview & add/edit state, notice these styling cues:

  1. gray category background (vs. yellow)
  2. black stars (vs. gold)
  3. red background on row hover (vs. green)

Step 6: Finalize an Evaluation.

From either the Overview or add/edit state, clicking the “Finalize” button will…

  1. Effectively signify that the evaluation is complete.
  2. Based on the Score Sheet’s configuration settings, may or may not share results with students in their Members area.



View evaluations as an Administrator.

Once evaluations have been given, there are several ways to view them. They are…

  1. Classes / Attendance / [Class] / Evaluations / [Evaluation]
  2. Classes / Class Catalog / [Class] / Evaluations
  3. People / [Account] / Evaluations / [Student]

View evaluations as a Member.

Given the Score Sheet was configured to share with Members upon Finalization, members can review evaluations by logging into Snap & visiting…

My Account / Evaluations / [Student]

This page is read-only. Each Score Sheet is listed as an accordion with the Pass/Fail toggle indicator. The accordion’s interior layout mimics a common report card. The evaluated items are listed in the first column. Every evaluation & its results make up the subsequent columns in a date descending order (most recent evaluations first).



Final Notes

Recommended Pre-Evaluation Procedures

Prior to the actual moment when an evaluation is to be given, we highly recommend taking these setup steps to ensure your evaluation success:

  1. Build the Score Sheet
  2. Assign the Score Sheet to appropriate classes.

Once these steps are complete, during class time, a coach (with the proper permissions) can simply navigate to Classes / Attendance, locate the class, & click the “New Evaluation” button to begin.

Delete Functionality

In contrast to Archive functionality, Delete actions are final. Data is completely removed & 100% irretrievable. So, make sure you really can’t live without the data before performing any delete actions.


As is the case with the entirety of Snap, Evaluations is mobile-friendly as well. It was designed with the specific use-case in mind of coaches on the floor using their mobile or tablet devices to perform evaluations. Every care has been given to ensure a smooth & seamless experience. We hope you enjoy!