Lead Your Viewers

Purpose Driven Content (Part 2 of 4)

Visualize your website as 1 gigantic funnel.



It’s wide at the top so that it can capture a variety of needs. Then it funnels each need in a particular direction, ultimately leading it exactly where you want it to go.

Now think about a user visiting your site. You have no idea what goal they’re trying to achieve. So, you cast a wide net by listing a few specific topics. Those might resemble…

  • Parent’s night out next Saturday!
  • Need to pay your tuition?
  • All star tryouts coming up!
  • Contact us today!

Now, let’s say a parent is planning to visit your gym for the 1st time. Because your content is well-organized, the user can quickly scan each title, skipping over non-relevant items, & find the exact need: your contact information.

Now comes the big finish! This is where most content misses the boat. With your user’s attention firmly captured, you need to LEAD them along the proper course of action by MAKING IT EASY for them to achieve their goal. So, you’ll want to provide links that activate each of the following…

By providing the link, you have effectively led your client, navigating them along the path which allows them the opportunity to easily perform the task they intended all along.


Don’t stop here! Let’s make sure you’re turning clicks into conversions by using a proper CTA!

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