With ‘Attendance’, you can…


Classes I Teach

By choosing ‘Attendance’ from the App menu, you arrive on the ‘My Classes’ option which, by default, filters all classes you instruct on today’s date.


All Instructor Classes

In the example above, it’s obvious that I am only teaching 1 class. To view all instructors’ classes, click the ‘All Classes’ option.


Change the View Date

You can change the date by simply clicking the provided field & making your desired selection from the calendar.


Class Attendance Records

Clicking a class reveals all of its attendees.  Along with each student, there’s lots of useful information displayed such as…

  • the account is overdue (late)
  • the account has required documents that haven’t yet been accepted
  • the student is filling a makeup spot in the class
  • the student is having or had a recent birthday


Take Attendance

By choosing ‘Edit’, you can now select each of the students attending.  Make sure to save your work when finished.


Single Attendance Records

By clicking an attendance record (directly from the Students name, not the ‘Edit’ tab), you can view or edit any additional details about the student’s visit that day.


Select ‘Edit’ & detail any information that may be helpful for either…

  • making a future slot available in the class for use in a makeup or free trial lesson by choosing ‘Absent’
  • conveying instructions to the coach regarding the student’s health, arrival or departure plans, etc.
  • tracking additional excused or unexcused nuances such as tardies, leaving early, & more


Finalize Attendance

This feature is only available AFTER attendance has been taken. Finalizing is important for 2 reasons:

  1. it locks that day’s attendance (those records will no longer be editable)
  2. if the class is configured to give makeup credits, finalizing will automatically create those credits for each student who did not attend

Danger! Before finalizing, be absolutely certain there’s no need to edit the class’s attendance records for that day. Once finalized, they are locked.


So, now that you’ve mastered this, let’s learn how to view attendance history for your classes & students in the “Attendance By Class” report.